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Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood and to the world of Healthy Times! We know you want the best for your child, which is why our baby foods are healthy, free of synthetic preservatives and additives, made with organic ingredients, and formulated to be gentle on little tummies.

A Heritage of Caring

With limited choices for healthy baby food in grocery stores in the 1980s, Healthy Times was founded by a young mom from sunny California who decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own line of organic baby food.

Today, we continue to provide wholesome products, made in the U.S., to build a solid nutritional foundation for early childhood growth. We believe that all children should have access to healthy and delicious food, which is why we are a proud partner of Feed the Children, a remarkable organization that provides meals for hungry children and families around the globe.


Why Healthy Times

Pure Organic Nutrition

Pure Organic Nutrition

One of the first organic baby food brands on the market, Healthy Times delivers wholesome products that provide a healthy foundation during early childhood development. Our line of nutritious and delicious food contains premium ingredients that are sourced sustainably.

Pure Organic Nutrition

Made With Love

Healthy Times is proud to support Feed the Children, which ensures all children and families are given the essentials for a healthy and nourishing childhood. This thriving partnership has allowed us to make our products available to those who are struggling yet just as deserving as any other family.

Pure Organic Nutrition

Trusted by Moms

After nearly four decades as a beloved brand among a niche group of mothers looking for all-natural options, Healthy Times is now gaining the attention of a new generation. These moms and families are more focused than ever on the quality of their child’s nutrition.